Jeffrey Ripple (1962 - )

Birth date: 1962 Death date:  
Birth location: Oceanside, California Death location:  
Media: Painting / Oil Web site:
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Biographical Brief

1984: MFA (Master of Fine Art), University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin
1988: BFA, (Bachelor of Fine Art), University of  Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana
1984: Knapp Fellowship, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin
1990: Development Grant, Wisconsin Arts Board, Madison, Wisconsin
1991: Juror's Award, Fourth National Arkansas Biennial, Pine Bluff, Arizona
1992: Painting Award, Parkersburg Art Center, Parkersburg, West Virginia
Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma
ExxonMobil Corporation, Irving, Texas
Madison Art Center, Madison, Wisconsin
Rayovac Corporation, Madison, Wisconsin
South Bend Art Center, South Bend, Indiana
Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois
His exhibitions can be found in his books, "Jeffrey Ripple-Still Life Paintings", "Jeffrey Ripple-New Paintings", "Jeffrey Ripple-Recent Paintings".
Work Experience:
1992-1994: Adjunct Instructor , University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington
1986-1988: Instructor, Outreach Program, University of Wisconsin- Madison, Madison, Wisconsin

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