John W. Goetz (1839 - 1912)

Birth date: 2/4/1839 Death date: 1912  
Birth location: near Tiffin, Ohio Death location: Marshfield, Wisconsin  
Media: Photography , Wood Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Photographer, West Bend, WI.
John W. Goetz , parents - Christopher and Margaret Goetz, nine children.
Before 1860, family moved  near Buckwood, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
1864, July 5, John  married  Mary Wagner, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Simon) Wagner of West Bend,WI Worked as a carpenter until he decided to go into photography
Late 1875, photography partnership with Mr. Bangs, West Bend, WI
By 1887, owner of photography business on Hickory Street, West Bend, WI 
His wife ran a millinery shop. 
1879, the couple had a child, Blanche, born on July 30, 1879
1884, adopted a daughter, Emma, born on July 26, 1884.
John W. Goetz continued to run a successful business photographing not only people but many of the business buildings in the West Bend area and he continued to up-date and improve his equipment. Attended conventions to improve his photography skills.
Was a photographer in West Bend for over thirty years
1901, John Goetz lost his wife, shortly after this his girls married. 
Eventually Mr. Goetz sold his business in West Bend and moved to Marshfield, Wisconsin. 
Owned a photography business, Marathon City near Marshfield, WI.
1912, he died in Marshfield, Wisconsin on May 21, 1912 and is buried by his wife in the catholic cemetery at West Bend, Wisconsin.”
Collections: Museum of Wisconsin Art owns a collodion print by John W. Goetz. Collodion's were used
                     between 1885-1920.
Nov. 2007,  submitted by Rita Goranson, Mason City, Iowa


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