Karen Eyara Naylor (1964 - )

Birth date: 1964 Death date:  
Birth location: Lafayette, IN Death location:  
Media: Glass Web site: http://karennaylorglass.com/work.html
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Biographical Brief

1986: Bachelor of Science in Art, University of Wisconsin, Madison,Wisconsin
Glass Blowing Workshop, Minneapolis, Minnesota, with Robbie Miller & Richard Royal
John Michael Kohler Art Center, Kohler, Wisconsin, assisted with Therman Statom with two-ton plate-glass installation
1987: Glass Casting Workshop, Minneapolis, Minnesota, with Paul Marioni and Ann Troutner
Mississippi River Glass Installation, Minneapolis, Minnesota, assisting Richard Harned and Tom Kreager with an outdoor glass installation
1991: Graduate in glass, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, Washington, advanced direction under Clifford Rainey, Susan Stinsmehlen-Amend, Jose Chardiet, and Henry Halem

1991: Wheaton Village Fellowship, Creative Glass Center of America, Millville, New Jersey
Fall 2011: Sharon Lynn Wilson Center for the Arts, Brookfield, Wisconsin
Work Experience:
1991: Teaching Assistant, Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, Washington
Teaching Assistant, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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