Karen Gunderson (1943 - )

Birth date: 8/14/1943 Death date:  
Birth location: Racine, Wisconsin Death location:  
Media: Painting Web site: http://www.karengunderson.com
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Biographical Brief

1957-1961: attended Washington Park High School in Racine, Wisconsin
1966: BS ED, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
1968: MFA in Intermedia, University of Iowa, Iowa City
1969-1970: MA in painting, University of Iowa, Iowa City
Work Experience:
1962-1963: worked at Johnson's Wax in Racine
1967-2008: College/University programs, lectures and studio classes  throughout the United states including these in Wisconsin: 1977: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, visiting lecturer
                                      University of Wisconsin-Menominee, visiting lecturer
Artist in Residence:
1977: The Art Institute of Chicago
2002: Lome, Togo, West Africa (pilot program workshops for young artists)
1967 & 1968: Graduate School Assistantships, University of Iowa, Iowa City
1984: Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
1994: E.D. Foundation Grant
2000: Washington Park High School Hall of Fame, Racine, Wisconsin
2001: Lorenzo Magnifici Second Prize in Painting, Florence Biennale, Florence Italy
1969-2007: exhibited in many solo exhibition through-out the United States and Europe
Wisconsin Venues include:
1969: Wustum Art Museum, Racine, Wisconsin
2004: Crossman Gallery (two-person exhibition), Whitewater, Wisconsin
She completed many installations and public commissions in Manama, Bahrain; Odense, Denmark; Togo, West Africa; New York, New York and Racine, Wisconsin (Permanent installation of paintings entitled, Clouds of Witnesses for chancel area of Our Savior's Lutheran Church).
Gunderson was also featured in many publications throughout her career.

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