Laurence P. Rathsack (1920 - 2008)

Birth date: 7/1/1920 Death date: 3/3/2008  
Birth location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Death location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin  
Media: Graphic Art , Painting Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Wisconsin State Teacher's College under Howard Thomas and Robert von Neumann.
Work Experience:
1956-1988: Wisconsin Art Profesor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Laurence Rathsack

Born 1920 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Died 2008 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Painter and Educator, Laurence Rathsack was born and raised in Milwaukee.  He studied under Alfred Pelikan while in high school.  One of Rathsack’s block prints, River Bridge, can be seen in the book, Milwaukee Senior High School Block Prints.  His art mentors at college were Robert von Neumann and Howard Thomas.  Before becoming Professor of Art with UW- Milwaukee in 1956, Rathsack taught in high schools, the University of Saskatchwan, and privately.  When commenting on his amazing UW teaching career from 1956 to 1988, Rathsack called himself “a string, a conduit, from the mid 30’s to the present.  I came from a poor background and felt comfortable at UWM, an urban institution that is not one of those prestigious universities that calls to students of wealth.”  Rathsack’s generosity and personal grace towards students led to a scholarship honoring him.  The scholarship will promote excellence in drawing and painting.  Known for his provocative experimentation in the watercolor medium, he was president of WI Watercolor Society.  Rathsack was president of WI Painters & Sculptors (1960-1961).

Education: Milwaukee State Teachers College (1939-1943); University of Chicago New School of Research, N.Y.; University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee B.S. 1955

Selected One-Person Exhibitions

1962         Springfield Art Museum, Missouri; Illinois State Normal University; Milwaukee Art Center, Wisconsin

1965         Central College, Pella, Iowa; Art Center, Sioux City, Iowa; Clarke College, Dubuque, Iowa

1975         St. Norbert’s College, De Pere, Wisconsin; Carthage College, Kenosha, Wisconsin

                 Laura Musser Museum of Art, Muskatine, Iowa; University of Wisconsin-Washington County, West Bend, 

                 Wisconsin; University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

     Greensboro College, North Carolina

 1981          Mount Mary College, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1983         University of Arkansas, Little Rock

1990         UW- Milwaukee University Art Museum, Laurence Rathsack Retrospective 1942-90       

1995-96    Galleria del Conte, Milwaukee, Hidden Treasures

1943                   International Watercolor Exhibition, Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois

1947                   Annual American Watercolor Exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA

1948,1962 &1973   Chicago and Vicinity Exhibition, Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois

            1949,1953, 1956&1962  Walker Biennial, Walker Art Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1966           Mid-Year Exh. of American Art, Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH

1972           Watercolor Invitational, Sioux City Art Center; Iowa

       Watercolor USA, Springfield Art Museum, Illinois

            1998           Foundations of Art in Wisconsin, West Bend Art Museum, Wisconsin

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