Levi Fisher Ames (1840 - 1923)

Birth date: 1840 Death date: 1923  
Birth location: Pennsylvania Death location:  
Media: Decorative Art , Folk & Outsider Art , Woodcarving Web site:
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Biographical Brief

1840  Born in Pennsylvania, moved to Green County, Wisconsin as a teen, and worked as a carpenter.
1865  Returned to Monroe, Wisconsin after serving in the Union Army's 37th Regiment of Illinois Volunteers.
1880  Photographed and carved real and fictional animals for his "cabinet of curiosities" to create
          a traveling tent show called the "L.F. Ames Museum of Art".
1923  After his death, the Ames Museum was traded to a Chicago pawnshop for $133.
1933  The Ames family reclaimed the carved menagerie to keep it from being lost or broken up.
2001  Howard Johnson, the artist's grandson, donated the intact boxed museum to the John Michael Kohler
          Arts Center where it remains today.

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