Louis B. Mayer (1869 - 1969)

Birth date: 1869 Death date: 1969  
Birth location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Death location: Carmel, California  
Media: Painting , Sculpture Web site:
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Louis Mayer

Born 1869 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Died 1969 in Carmel, California

Louis Mayer was the prototypical first generation, Wisconsin-born artist.  He began his studies with Wisconsin immigrant artists, Richard Lorenz and Otto von Ernst at the Wisconsin Art Institute.  Like many others of his generation, he continued his studies in Germany at the Weimar Art School and then went on to the Munich Academy of Fine Arts where he encountered fellow Milwaukeean Carl von Marr.  In 1897, he became a student at the Academie Julien in Paris.

When he returned to Milwaukee, he began teaching at the Wisconsin School of Art.  In 1901 he was instrumental in the formation and the first president of the Society of Milwaukee Artists; in 1913 they became the Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors.

While still in Milwaukee, he wrote art reviews for both English and German newspapers in the city.  While he was an accomplished painter, he began sculpting when he moved from Milwaukee to Fishkill, New York in 1913.  Later, he moved to Carmel, California where among his many sculpture portraits was one of his friends, Albert Schweitzer.

Selected Awards

2006 recipient of one of the Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Awards

(The Wisconsin Visual Art Hall of Fame)

Selected One-Person Exhibitions

1915    St. Paul Art Institute, Minnesota

1927    Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin

Selected Group Exhibitions

1900    Durbis Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1919    Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois

            Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin

1922    Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin

1953    Allied Artists of America, New York, New York

1954    Layton Art Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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