Maria Herndl (1859 - 1912)

Birth date: 1859 Death date: 1912  
Birth location: Munich, Germany Death location: Milwaukee, Wi  
Media: Decorative Art , Glass , Painter Web site:
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Biographical Brief

1859, Munich born stained glass artist 
Studied: Royal Art Institute, Munich, Germany
1899, immigrated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1901-1904, 1907, 1908, 1911, listed in the Milwaukee Business Directory
1903, 1904, listed in Wright's Milwaukee City Directory
Death date: May, 14, 1912

Works & Awards
1893, won a bronze medal for a stained glass panel 6 by 9 feet,at the Chicago's World's Fair in 1893,
          The Fairy Queen.
1912, The Fairy Queen  stained glass panel was purchased by a group of Milwaukeans and given to the
          Milwaukee arena - Auditorium and was kept in basement storage until 1967 when it was offered
          for sale.
circa1967, The Fairy Queen  stained glass panel was purchased by Melanec's Wheel House at
          2178 N. River Rd. on the Milwaukee River
1904, won gold medals at the St. Luis World Fair, George Washington and a Madonna window.
1910, the government purchased the George Washington window and then lent it to the Smithsonian
1962, this window was hung  in the Senators Dining Room in the Capitol
Collections: 1896, Milwaukee Central Library,  Hans Christian Anderson, this stained glass window
                   was restored by Conrad Schmidt Studios in 1998 for the grand opening of the Milwaukee Central                    Library's children's room.
                   1904, government commission of two skylights for the U.S. Senate building, one, of the
                   seals of  the original 13 colonies and one, of the Statue of Liberty.
                   1911, Patrick Cudahy commissioned a three panel colored glass window depicting spring,
                   summer and fall, for his daughter's home
                   Christ King Chapel, St. Francis Seminary, 6 windows depicting the life of Christ

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