Michael Connors (1949 - )

Birth date: 1949 Death date:  
Birth location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Death location:  
Media: Graphic Art , Mural , Painting , Photography , Printmaking Web site:
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Biographical Brief

1996, Master of Fine Arts, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1994, Bachelor of Arts, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Work Experience:
Professor of printmaking, University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Art
Michael Connors has been teaching Printmaking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since 1998.
Connors has served on the SGC International Board, was a former editor of Graphic Impressions, and coordinated the SGC International Conference in Madison in 2005. He was Chair of the University of Wisconsin Department of Art Graphics Area from 2006-2009 and remains actively involved with committees and organizations across the UW-Madison campus. His work has been shown nationally and internationally in exhibitions and print exchanges, such as the following selected exhibitions over the past few years:

2011: Paper in Particular National Exhibition, Columbia College, Columbia, Missouri
2011: Spacium Tempus: 3rd MAAPS International Printmaking Exhibition, Alchemy Gallery, Beijing, China.
2011: Guanlan Original Printmaking Base, Shenzhen, China.
2010: Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books (extensive national and international exhibition venues).
2010: Frogman Printmaking Workshop Faculty Exhibition, University of South Dakota, Vermilion, SD.
2010: Ganjifa (deck of cards), Invitational International Print Portfolio Exchange and Exhibition, Kala Academi, Goa, India; Artkonsult Gallery, New Delhi, India.
2010: Wall, Santa Reparata International School, Florence, Italy.
2010: Print Exchange 1:1, Wheat Farm Press Gallery, Pittsfield, New Hampshire.
2008-10: One World, Invitational International Print Exhibition (as part of the Cultural Olympics Festivities in Beijing, China), [various venues in Asia and North America].
2010: Frogman Faculty Print Portfolio, SGC International Printmaking Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
2009: Los Angeles Printmaking Society 20th National Exhibition, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California.
2009: MATRIX/Contemporary Printmaking, Museum of Fine Arts at Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.
2009: 32nd Bradley International Print and Drawing Exhibition, Heuser Art Center, Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois
2009: Identity: Unlimited Editions, Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, California.

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