Michael Kutzer (1941 - )

Birth date: 1941 Death date:  
Birth location: Liepzig, Germany Death location:  
Media: Book , Painting , Painting / Oil Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Cudahy, Wisconsin resident. 2007: WP&S/WAAM juried exhibition, Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend, Wisconsin. Artist with a background in Classical languages, 19th century German literature and German Dialects.
Lead transcriber of the Heinie Diaries, Milwaukee County Historical Society, Wisconsin.
2008: Guest speaker, International Panorama Symposium, Investigating an International Treasure: the diaries of Panorama Painter  F.W. Heine, Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend, Wisconsin (11/1/2008).
2009: Guest Speaker, WVALAA, Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Awards, Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, Brookfield, Wisconsin (6/13/2009).
2009: speaker on the Heine Diary translation discoveries, The Moment: Unlocking an Artist's Diary (10/22/2009)
2009: Wisconsin Biennial Exhibitor, Rahr-West Art Museum, Manitowoc, Wisconsin (5/17-7/12/2009)
2011: member of the Schlaraffia, Milwaukia Empire, status pilgrim.
Collections: Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend, Wisconsin.
Was a guest on Kitty Lynne Klich's show "Gallery Works." (5/15/2009).

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