Morley G. Hicks (1877 - 1959)

Birth date: 1877 Death date: 1959  
Birth location: Pickton, Ontario Death location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin  
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Biographical Brief

He settled in Detroit, Michigan for 11 years.
Board of Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors in 1951


Morley Hicks

Born 1877 in Picton, Ontario

Died 1959 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Morley Hicks came to the U.S. in 1900, and settled in Detroit, Michigan for eleven years before eventually moving to Milwaukee in 1911.

He began his professional career as a paint chemist at Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company but gradually gave it up in favor of painting.  He studied art at Milwaukee Normal School under Gustave Moeller and George Oberteuffer and at Wisconsin State Normal School under Alexander Mueller from 1921 to 1923.  His understanding of oil paints led to his interest in easel painting.  Being very methodical, he numbered and kept meticulous records of his 1,381 paintings.  At first he copied others' works, but then began doing his own compositions.

He was a close friend and associate of Gustave Moeller.  Both were members of the Walrus Club in Milwaukee, and Hicks at one time was president of this organization. He also was a member of the Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors.  Hicks was very fond of painting Wisconsin landscapes.  They are quite literal renderings of nature, but he also played with special effects of lighting.  He particularly liked to capture shoreline atmospheres on canvas.

Selected One-Person Exhibitions

1936     Milwaukee Art Institute

1945     Milwaukee State Teachers College, Wisconsin, Twenty-five Years of Painting by Morley           Hicks

1951          Charles Allis Art Library, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Selected Group Exhibitions

1929     Wisconsin State Fair (also 1930)

1931     Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors (Marine Prize)

1931     Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin

1932     Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors 19th Annual Exhibition, Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin, (watercolor purchase prize)

1934     Milwaukee Art Institute Loan Exhibition, Wisconsin

1939     Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin

1941     Chicago Art Institute, Illinois

1941     Milwaukee Art Institute, Wisconsin (purchase award)

1942     Chicago Art Institute, Illinois

1943     Chicago Art Institute, Illinois

1943     Milwaukee Art Institute, 30th Annual Exhibition of Wisconsin Art

1946     Milwaukee Art Institute, 33rd Annual Exhibition of Wisconsin Art

1948     Wisconsin State Centennial Exhibition

1950     Walrus Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Retrospective

1950     Bradley Art Gallery, Thiensville, Wisconsin, Retrospective

1985     University Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Celebration 100: A Century of Alumni Art

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