Murray Weiss (1926 - )

Birth date: 1926 Death date:  
Birth location: New York City, NY Death location:  
Media: Photography Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Education: Art and Photography
1952, graduate of City University of New York, Brooklyn College
1952-1955, studied photography and worked for Ralph Steiner, NYC. Made numerous trips to Milwaukee with Steiner for workshops at the Milwaukee Center for Photography
Numerous workshops with Beaumont Newhall, W. Eugene Smith and Minor White.
Longtime friend of Paul Strand, extended visits with him in Orgeval, France and NYC.
Teaching and Administration:
1955-1972, Associate Professor, Director Fine Art Photography/Film Department, Philadelphia College of Art, (now University)
1965-1966, 1969-1972, Lecturer Advanced Seminar History of Photography, City University of New York, Brooklyn College
1968-1969, Photography Instructor in Residence, Aegean Summer School of fine Art, Paros, Greece
1972-74, Director, Fine Art Photography Dept.,  Layton School of Art, Milwaukee, WI (at that time Layton was the only Fine Art Photography  Dept. in WI)
1975, Lecturer, History of Photography, University of Wisconsin Art Department.
1975-1986, Founder/Director Milwaukee Center for Photography
1977, 1960, 1959, Photography Instructor in Residence, Yale University Summer Art School 
1986-1987, Head, Fine Art Photography, Bennington College, VT 
Maintains studio in Milwaukee, WI.
Professional and Related Experience:
1976, Organized, supervised and installed exhibition: The Spirit of Milwaukee, City Hall, Milwaukee
1973, Curator and installed: Masters of Photography, Layton School of Art, Milwaukee, WI
1970, Extensive filming Dock Street, Philadelphia for Planning Commission. Ten minute segment of film included in CBS production: Big City, 1980
Represented in the permanent collections of:
Milwaukee Art Museum, Wisconsin
Grohmann Museum, Milwaukee, WI
Instituto Mexicano NorteAmericano De Relaciones Culturales, Mexico, D.F.
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania
Phillip Morris Art Collection, Milwaukee, WI
Numerous Private Collections

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