Norman Lester Starks (1938 - )

Birth date: 4/10/1938 Death date:  
Birth location: Sycamore, Kansas Death location:  
Media: Drawing , Painting , Painting / W/C & Acrylic , Wildlife Artist Web site:
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Biographical Brief

1957, married Mary Kay Clark, had two daughters Trisha and Deena and divorced in 1972
1969, began dabbling in drawing and painting
1974, married Phyllis Jukes
2003-present(2012) actively painting since retirement
1957, School of Journalism, Oklahome University, Norman, Oklahoma
1961, Ministerial degree, Midwest Christian College, Oklahoma,City, Oklahoma
2003, took lessons in acrylic painting from, Beloit artist Judy Pulaski
Work experience:
circa 1957, Youth minister, Boulevard Christian church, Muskogee, OK
circa 1958-1968, Youth pastor, First Christian Church, Evansville, Indiana
1987, Music Minister, Central Christian church, Beloit, Wisconsin
2003, retired and began to develop his artistic abilities
Art organizations & affiliations:
2009-present (2011), member of Wisconsin Regional Artists Association (WRAA) and began exhibiting and taking workshops in Janesville, WI.
2012-Spring,WRAP State Award
2011-Spring, WRAP State Award

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