Patrick Casanova (1950 - )

Birth date: 10/17/1950 Death date:  
Birth location: Hudson, Wisconsin Death location:  
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Biographical Brief

Hudson, Wisconsin glass artist. Owner of Casanova Glass Studio.
BS in Art Education , University of Wisconsin-River Falls.
MFA, Southern Illinois University. 


Patrick Casanova
Born 1950 in Hudson, Wisconsin
Resides in Hudson, Wisconsin
Inspired by the beauty of nature surrounding the northern Wisconsin community where he lives, Patrick Casanova creates painterly images with hot molten glass. For him, “No other material handles light and color as dramatically as does glass; add light and it comes alive.” His vessels are formed from building multiple layers of molten glass and then manipulated into shape. It is a spontaneous process in which the “right temperature” is maintained for only a few short moments before the work becomes permanent.

Casanova earned a BS in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and a MFA from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, Illinois. He studied at the Oslo International School of Design, University of Oslo, Norway and Kashmiri School of Design, Shrinigar, Kashmir, India.

He maintains a studio, Casanova Glass Studio, in association with Seasons Gallery in Hudson, Wisconsin where visitors can view the artist demonstrating the molten glass process.

Selected Group Exhibitions

Western Design Conference, Jackson, Wyoming
  American Crafts Exposition, Evanston, Illinois
  Kimball Arts Center Festival, Park City, Utah

Bellevue Art Museum Arts Fair, Bellevue, Washington
  Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver, Colorado
  Lakefront Festival of the Arts, Milwaukee Art Museum, Wisconsin
  Old Town Art Festival, Chicago, Illinois
2010 Smithsonian Crafts Show, Washington, D.C.


Patrick Casanova, Educational background and Artist’s Statement, archives

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