Patrick Farrell (1945 - )

Birth date: 1945 Death date:  
Birth location: Escanaba, Michigan Death location:  
Media: Painting Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Art Historian, Debra Brehmer, Milwaukee Magazine wrote, "Still-life painter Patrick Farrell...became a self-taught phenomenon, the state's most successful painter."
Quoted "Master of Illusion, a super-realist whose Trompe l'oeil style seems to deny the obvious fact that his works are  "really" spots of paint on canvas" by art critic, Welch D. Everman, New Art Examiner.
Painting style: realism, and abstraction with the use of expressive dimensions in soft focus and uses them in harmonious discretion.
Subject matter, usually still lifes and self-portraits
Honorary member of Allied Artists of America, New York, New York.
2006-2009: represented by Tory Folliard Gallery.
Represented in the permanent collection of the Miller Art Museum, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

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