Ray J. Matasek (1897 - 1947)

Birth date: 5/9/1897 Death date: 9/18/1947  
Birth location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Death location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin  
Media: Graphic Art Web site:
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Ray Matasek

Born Pre 1950

Little is known about Ray Matasek, although he was a member of Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors, exhibiting with the group in 1917 at the Milwaukee Art Institute. Ray Matasek wrote Commercial Art & Design, which was published in 1931 by the Bruce Publishing Company of Milwaukee.

His work is represented in the collection of the West Bend Art Museum.


Commercial Art & Design, Ray J. Matasek ©1931

Wisconsin Artists, Charlotte W. Partridge, W709.755

Society of Milwaukee Artists, Meeting Minutes 1900-1915

Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors archive material 1913-1966

©10/23/2007 Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend, Wisconsin                                                             10/23/207

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