Reginald Baylor (1966 - )

Birth date: 1966 Death date:  
Birth location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Death location:  
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Reginald Baylor
Born 1966 in Milwaukee

Born in Milwaukee in 1966, Reginald Baylor favors painting with acrylics on canvas but has made excursions into other media. While earning his degree his emphasis was on sculpture; interestingly, his brother Trenton (who studied painting) became the sculptor of the two. Reginald worked as owner/operator of an independent trucking company, building his skills and reputation to the point where he could flourish as a full-time artist.

When the Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee initiated an artist-in-residence program, complete with a working studio and gallery, Reginald Baylor was its first appointee (2009). Since that time, he has been a contributor to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on local arts topics, while maintaining a studio in the city. His work has been exhibited in museums with increasing frequency since 2004, and continues to evolve stylistically.

In Baylor’s paintings, areas of bold, flat color are sharply delineated from their neighbors, seldom blending one to the next. The effect has been compared to stained glass, particularly when he uses painted lines to separate these planes of color. Other works suggest a happy wedding of paint-by-numbers technique with an astoundingly postmodern esthetic sense. His art is representational, but highly stylized, placing variable emphasis on fidelity and perspective; he deconstructs what he sees into colorful geometric shapes or sinuous curves. Asked about his influences, he has been known to discuss Keith Haring, Ellsworth Kelly, Cy Twombly, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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