Reginald Sherman Kidd (1877 - )

Birth date: 1877 Death date:  
Birth location: Mansfield, Ohio Death location:  
Media: Illustration , Painting Web site: http://
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Biographical Brief

Birthdate 9/23/1877 in Mansfield, Madison Township, Richland County, Ohio.
Son of John Hutton Kidd and Mary Caroline Lee Kidd. 
Brother of Harry Hutton  and Earnest Seton Kidd.
Family lived in Chicago, Cook County, IL (circa late1880s)
1893, Milwaukee City Directory John (father) and Harry (brother) had Publisher Agent and Representative offices in the Republican House Hotel, Milwaukee, WI.
Studied in Chicago and then in Paris at the Academie Julian  under Jules Joseph Lefebvre and Tony Robert-Fleury
1903, returned home (Milwaukee) and established a working relationship over the next 20 years with Robert F. Fenno Publishing Company of New York as an illustrator for novels.
1905, listed in the Milwaukee Business Directory
1916, 6/12 married Flora Nee Unknown from Boston, MA and moved to Roxbury, MA for several years.
Instructor: St.Botolph's Boston Board of Education
1924, applied for a U.S. Passport to travel to Scotland to study.
1925, returned to the United States and painted "The Spanish Armada"
After 1930 nothing has been found on Reginald Sherman Kidd.
Books Illustrated by Reginald Sherman Kidd:
1908, A Bottle in The Smoke, by Don-Carlos Cooke
1910, The Epsom Mystery - A Race to Ruin by Headron Hill
1911, Tamar Curze by Berthe St.Luz (Robertson)
1906-1918, illustrated on and off for The Saturday Evening Post

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