Robert H. Heuel (1857 - 1931)

Birth date: 1857 Death date: 1931  
Birth location: Sondern, Germany Death location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin  
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Biographical Brief

Birthdate: 10/17/1857
Studied: pre 1880, Dusseldorf  Art Academy, Germany
             1885-87 Antwerp and Paris
              1887-88 Venice
Grandfather of Robert A. Heuel II
1880-Immigrated to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Nephew of Sheboygan's Mayor Geele.
 1884-Heuel & Ullmer Art Studio 221 Grand Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
 1888- Home and studio on east Reservoir avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Robert Heuel

Born 1857 in Sondern, Germany

Died 1931 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Robert Heuel was the oldest of seven children.  In 1869, when Heuel was twelve, his parents died within a short time of each other.  Raised by relatives, he renounced his inheritance – a farm in Imminghausen, Germany – so he could become a painter. He received his training in Dusseldorf, Antwerp, Paris and Venice.

Heuel came to the United States around 1880 and by 1884 was associated with William Ullmer in the firm of Heuel and Ullmer, Artists.

He returned to Europe for more study in Paris in 1885-86.  In 1887 he met his wife, Ilda Bussinelli, in Venice, Italy.  They married in 1888 and returned to Milwaukee.  His home and studio were on East Reservoir Avenue.

Heuel was mostly known as a respected portrait painter, but he also did landscapes.  One of his landscapes, 14 Helpers in Time of Need, was donated to his homeland congregation, in Rhode, for the small chapel on the Eben.  He was also known for doing quality copies of master paintings.  Robert Heuel also painted The Stations of the Cross and a huge altarpiece for the old St. Francis Church on Third and Reservoir in Milwaukee.  The church has since been torn down.

Selected  Group Exhibitions

1996    Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Neenah, Wisconsin, Collecting the Art of Wisconsin:  The Early Years

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