Robert Schade (1861 - 1912)

Birth date: 6/11/1861 Death date: 6/24/1912  
Birth location: Tarrytown, New York Death location: MIlwaukee, Wisconsin  
Media: Illustration , Mural , Painting , Painting / Oil , Sketchbook Web site:
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Robert Schade

Born 1861 in Tarrytown, New York

Died 1912 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Robert Schade was only two years old when his parents moved to Milwaukee.  He began his formal art instruction in 1876 under Gugler, Kurtz, and Henry Vianden.  He became Vianden's prodigy, spending two years as his private student.  At the same time, Schade took drawing lessons at the lithography and engraving school.  In 1878 Schade continued his education at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Munich, Germany.  He studied drawing from life under Julius Benezier, drawing from the antique under Alexander Strachuber, and painting under Alexander Wagner.  He spent the next several years traveling back and forth between Germany and Wisconsin in order to further his studies. 

In 1885 Shade joined the American Panorama Company, documentation suggests that he worked on the Storming of Missionary Ridge / Battle of Chattanooga, and Battle of Atlanta through 1886 and soon after began teaching art at the Wisconsin Art Institute, the Art Students’ League, and was a member of the Society of Milwaukee Artists, later known as the Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors.  He also conducted a drawing-from-life class for engravers and lithographers.  By 1889 he had taken up permanent residency in Milwaukee and was actively engaged in painting portraits, figures, and still life at his studio.  He is remembered primarily, however, as a portrait and still life artist. His dramatic compositions and interests in texture reflect the Munich Academy's influence.  In 1891 he won a $100.00 prize in the Milwaukee Art Association Organization.

Selected Exhibitions:

1981    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Society of Milwaukee Artists 1900-1913

1989    West Bend Gallery of Fine Arts (now known as West Bend Art Museum),        Wisconsin, German Academic Painters in Wisconsin

1996    Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Neenah, Wisconsin, Collecting the Art of Wisconsin: The Early Years

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