Robert W. Schellin (1910 - 1985)

Birth date: 1910 Death date: 1985  
Birth location: Akron, Ohio Death location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin  
Media: Decorative Art , Drawing , Graphic Art , Painting Web site:
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Robert W. Schellin

Born 1910 in Akron, Ohio

Died 1985 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In 1933 Robert Schellin received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Milwaukee State Teachers College (now UW-Milwaukee), and in 1948 he completed his Master of Arts degree at UW-Madison. His art instructors were Gustave Moeller, Elsa Ulbricht and Robert von Neumann.  He studied at the Layton School of Art. and Columbia University where he was a student of Hans Hoffman and Frederic Taubes. It was here that he became interested in the power of abstraction to express emotion through color, texture, line and form, turning to ceramics as his preferred medium.  Nevertheless Schellin is known as a painter, ceramist and teacher.

The Federal Works Progress Administration Art Project employed Schellin in 1933 after graduation.  That same year, he was a member of Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors, and won first prize in their 1933 exhibition for an oil painting called Minerva.  A mural that Schellin painted in 1935 for a hall at Milwaukee State Teachers College caused controversy through the inclusion of a female nude and direct social criticism of the Capitalist nature.

In 1937 and 1938 he was a professor of fine arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and from 1945 until he retired in 1975, he was also head of the ceramics department

Selected Exhibitions

1937                            19th Annual Exhibition - Wisconsin Society of Applied Arts

1939                            Milwaukee State Teachers College - one man show

1939-1970                   Milwaukee Art Institute - exhibited intermittently during these years

1943                            Milwaukee State Teachers College, Survey Show

1944                            Art Institute of Chicago

1946                            Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

1952-53                       Wisconsin Designer-Craftsmen (major winner)

1974                            Charles Allis Art Library, Milwaukee Paintings of the 1920's and 30's

1975                            University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Fine Arts Gallery -

                                    Retrospective of our Decades (honors his retirement as art professor) - UWM Fine Arts


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