Sr. Rosemarita Huebner SSND (1932 - 2015)

Birth date: 1/21/1932 Death date: 2/18/2015  
Birth location: Neenah, Wisconsin Death location: Elm Grove, Wisconsin  
Media: Jewelry , Metalsmithing Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Milwaukee metalsmithing / Cloisonne artist
1960s, studied with Art Professor Fred Fenster, University of Wisconsin - Madison
1980, received her M.F.A degree
Work Experience:
Teacher (School Sisters of Notre Dame) at Mount Mary College.
1929, She was the first chairperson in Mount Mary's Art Department.
Art Organizations:
1971-72, Past president of Milwaukee Area Teachers of Art (MATA)
1980, Exclusively Yours, New Dimensions in Wisconsin Art: Sister M. Rosemarita
feature article
2006 - "75 Women of Influence" in the visual arts community of Milwaukee. Source.: Art City     
            Web-log by Mary Louise Schumacher.

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