Simon Kops (1922 - 2004)

Birth date: 1922 Death date: 5/22/2004  
Birth location: Chicago, IL Death location: Glendale, WI  
Media: Decorative Art , Sculpture Web site:
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Biographical Brief

1951 Layton School of Art faculty, taught design and display.


Simon Kops
1922 in Chicago, IL
2004 in Glendale, WI

Simon Kops was a talented sculptor and teacher in the Milwaukee area for more than 50 years.  He was a native of Chicago where he attended the Institute of design and received a B.A. and did graduate work. He did further study at the Art Institute of Chicago and the New Mexico School of Mines.  He studied under Moholy-Nagy and Archipenko.

He served in the Army in Europe during World War II and survived the Battle of the Bulge. When he returned from the war he married Gerry Drury in 1948 and they eventually had two daughters. Although trained as an industrial designer, he pursued a career as an artist and teacher.  

Kops came to Milwaukee in 1949 and became an instructor at the old Layton School of Art.  He went on to teach at Mount Mary College, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee and Whitefish Bay schools and Cardinal Stritch College.

He welded sculptures out of metal in his basement studio in Whitefish Bay.  They often depicted human forms which he described as the "everyday everyman."  Another form he used was that of a bird which he regarded as a symbol of freedom.

His work was exhibited in one-man shows in New York, Minnesota, California, Illinois and Wisconsin.

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