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Stephanie Trenchard
Born 1962 in Champaign, Illinois
After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in painting from Illinois State University in 1984, Stephanie Trenchard began her professional career as a textile designer. Twelve years later in 2000, she started to work in the medium of studio glass as a way of combining her interest in two dimensional pattern designs with three dimensional objects.

Trenchard creates hand blown realistic glass objects that are later sprinkled with colored glass powders and then laid into a sand mold for casting. The finished pieces create the illusion of movement of a floating object over a painterly background.

Trenchard has co-curated Narratives in Glass at the Art Center in Highland Park, Illinois and conducted workshops in glass casting at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and in textile design at the Peninsula Art School in Fish Creek,Wisconsin. Her award winning work is represented in Wisconsin museum, corporate and university collections.

Selected One-Person Exhibitions

2007 Thomas Riley Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio
2008  Iowa Artisan Gallery, Iowa City, Iowa
2008  Dialogue Revisited, Pismo Gallery, Vail, Colorado 

Selected Group Exhibitions

2000 Women Artists, Miller Art Museum, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
2002  New Talent in Craft, Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Art, Racine, Wisconsin 
2002  Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (also 2005-2006)
2004 Glass: A View Within, The Arts Center, St. Petersburg, Florida 
2004  SOfA Chicago, Thomas Riley Gallery (also 2005-2008)
2007  Transformations: Artists and Earth’s Resources, Neville Public Museum of Brown County, Green Bay, Wisconsin
2008  Glass, Center for the Visual Arts, Wausau, Wisconsin 
2008 Professional Dimensions Collections, Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend, Wisconsin


Resume and info from Edgewood Orchard Gallery, Archives

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