Mrs. Susan Stuart Goodrich Frackelton (1848 - 1932)

Birth date: 1848 Death date: 1932  
Birth location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Death location: Chicago, Illinois  
Media: Ceramic , Decorative Art Web site:
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Biographical Brief

1988: organized and founded the Milwaukee Art Association


Susan Stuart Goodrich Frackelton
Born 1848 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Died 1932 in Chicago, Illinois
In the 1870s, Susan Frackelton studied landscape painting under one of Wisconsin’s earliest professional artists, Henry Vianden. These lessons later influenced her compositions used on her ceramics and china painting.  As one of the American Arts and Crafts Movement’s most renowned ceramists, Susan Frackelton’s salt-glazed stoneware and her china painting brought her the most acclaim.
As a ceramic teacher and china painter in Milwaukee, Frackelton taught many women the skills needed to develop their talents into a profitable living. Her own work as an artist and expertise on ceramics brought her national recognition with her work exhibited at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition; the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition earned her nine medals. She also won awards at other expositions throughout the United States and Europe during the 1880s and 1890s.
In 1887, Frackelton organized the Milwaukee Artist’s Association. This evolved into the Milwaukee Art Institute in 1916. She was president of the Wisconsin School of Design (formerly the Milwaukee Museum of Fine Arts / Milwaukee Art School) in 1888; this later became the Wisconsin Art Institute in 1889.
Susan Frackelton was the author of "Tried by Fire" published by D. Appleton & Co., New York, New York; copyrighted in 1885. In 1886 and 1888, Frackelton was issued patents for the invention of the gas kiln.
Today Frackelton’s decorated plates, cups and vases are considered real treasures and are included in the collections of the Wisconsin State Historical Society Museum, the Milwaukee Public Museum and the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

Selected One-Person Exhibitions

1969 University Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (also 1970, 1971, 1973 and 1974)
1971   Milwaukee Public Museum, Wisconsin 

Selected Group Exhibitions

1889 Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Industrial Exhibition Association of Toronto, Canada
1893  World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Illinois
1894 Exposition Universelle d’Anvers, Antwerp, Belgium
1901 Pan American Exposition, Buffalo, New York
1917  Municipal Art League of Chicago, Illinois
1943-46 Exhibition of Milwaukee China Decorators, Milwaukee County Courthouse, Wisconsin
1988  1888: Frederick Layton and His World, Milwaukee Art Museum, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art, Philadelphia 

Selected Awards

2005 Recipient of one of the Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Awards (The Wisconsin Visual Art Hall of Fame)
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