Ted Rose (1940 - 2002)

Birth date: 8/13/1940 Death date: 7/26/2002  
Birth location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Death location: Santa Fe, New Mexico  
Media: Painter / Watercolor , Photography , Printmaking Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
1965: moves to Chama, New Mexico
1967: married Polly Towers (1969, son born, Nathan Jesse Rose) (1974, daughter born, Molly Susan Rose)
1962: BFA, Painting and minors in Printmaking and History, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Work Experience:
1956-62: art department, Kalmbach Publishing Co. Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the summer.
1963-65: Drafted into the Army, 12-month tour, Vietnam
1966: City of Santa Fe's Planning Department, graphics and cartography.
Continues personal artwork in drawing and printmaking
1968: Builds adobe studio
1970s: Serves as Graphics Director, city of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Begins freelance design work
1983: Returns to painting after a 20-year hiatus, producing over 1000 watercolors over a twenty-year period
1956-62: first place, Milwaukee Journal Art Contest
1993: awarded signature membership, Midwest Watercolor Society.
1993: Dagmar Tribble Award, American Watercolor Society
1996: Midwest Watercolor Society National Exhibition; Door County Creative Workshop Award
1997: first place, Landscape category,  Artist's Magazine 1997 National Art Competition
1997: New Mexico Magazine's 1997 Distinguished Artist: featured, The Watercolors of Ted Rose calendar
1999: awarded signature membership in the National Watercolor Society.
1999: Adirondacks National Exhibition, Winsor & Newton Award
2001: Lifetime Achievement Award, Northern New Mexico Advertising Federation. 
Signature Member of the Midwest Watercolor Society

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