Thaddeus von Zukotynski (1855 - 1912)

Birth date: 4/1/1855 Death date: 12/7/1912  
Birth location: Podolia, Russia (Russian Territory) Death location: Chicago, Illinois  
Media: Decorative Art , Design , Fresco , Glass , Mural , Painting Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Studied: Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany
1886: October, immigrated to the United States after studying in Munich, Germany to work for the American Panorama Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1890: US citizenship
1886-1896: lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1896-1912: lived in Chicago, Illinois
1896: 414 W. Division, Chicago, Illinois 
1897-1901: 1125 W. North Ave., Chicago, Illinois (presumably his studio address)
1910: Chicago Federal Census (address - 1841 Aldine Avenue) (Studio, 1676 N. Central Park Avenue)
1912: last known address 651 Barry Ave. (23rd ward) Chicago, Illinois.
Married at time of death to Augusta Zukowtynski (birthplace, Austria)
1912: died at St Mary of Nazareth Hospital, Chicago, Illinois
1912: Buried at St. Adelbert's Cemetery, Niles, Illinois
Work Experience:
1886-1896: worked in Milwaukee
1886: American Panorama Co., Storming of Missionary Ridge-The Battle of Chattanooga
Design work for Milwaukee Glass Works
Fresco painting with Adolph Leibig.
Self-employed artist in Chicago, Illinois

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