Theodore Russell Davis (1841 - 1894)

Birth date: 1841 Death date: 11/10/1894  
Birth location: Boston, Massachusetts Death location: Ashbury Park, New Jersey  
Media: Cartoonist , Illustration , Painting Web site:
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Theodore Russell Davis

Born 1841 in Boston

Died 1894 in Asbury Park, New Jersey

Theodore Davis was a staff artist at Harper’s Weekly and a professional Civil War artist-illustrator. He was the Civil War technical advisor for William Wehner’s American Panorama Company in Milwaukee. He worked on the panorama paintings Storming of Missionary Ridge (Battle of Chattanooga) and the Battle of Atlanta from 1885-1887. Each of these artistic marvels measured approximately  50 feet wide by 375 feet long and used 90 thousand feet of canvas. Davis worked with a group of panorama artists including Friedrich Wilhelm Heine and August Lohr on these projects.

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