Thomas H. Stevenson (1841 - 1874)

Birth date: 1841 Death date: 1874  
Birth location: Manchester, England Death location:  
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Thomas H. Stevenson
Born circa 1830
Little is known about Thomas H. Stevenson, beyond the fact that he was an immigrant from England who worked mostly in Ohio and Wisconsin. Artistically, he was a painter of landscapes, portraits, and miniatures in addition to being an art teacher. He was active between 1841 and 1874.

In 1841, in Cleveland, Ohio, Stevenson owned a studio where he practiced miniature painting and teaching. In 1855, he began a partnership with Samuel Marsden Brookes. Together they painted portraits of influential Wisconsin citizens, including one of a judge named James H. Lockwood in 1856. The Wisconsin Historical Society also commissioned Stevenson and Brookes to paint three battle scenes of the Black Hawk War, and the Fox-Wisconsin River Improvement Company also commissioned them to paint ten river landscapes of Milwaukee for advertising. These paintings and the battle scenes were done in panoramic format. Together in their studio they held joint exhibitions and held lotteries for profit and to dispose of their paintings. Lotteries were not uncommon ways for artists to raise interest in their work in the mid-19th Century.

In 1858, Stevenson’s partnership with Brookes dissolved.  Although their partnership was brief, it is notable for their detailed renderings of Wisconsin in its infancy as a state. His collaborations with Brookes are still well-renowned for their contribution to the visual history of Wisconsin. Artwork by Stevenson can be found in the collections of Milwaukee's city hall (an 1873 portrait of Solomon Juneau, first Mayor of Milwaukee) and Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend (Little Elkhart Lake, Sheboygan county, dated 1874).

Selected Group Exhibitions

1978 Milwaukee Illustrated: Panoramic and Bird’s Eye Views of a Midwestern Metropolis, 1844-1908, Milwaukee Art Center 1978, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1991  City of Milwaukee Permanent Art Collection, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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