William Brah (1850 - 1916)

Birth date: 6/1/1850 Death date: 8/1/1916  
Birth location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Death location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin  
Media: Decorative Art , Design , Designer , Engraving , Wood , Woodcarver , Woodcarving Web site:
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Biographical Brief

Son of immigrant Prussian parents
1960s: apprenticed as a woodcarver
1867: listed as a carver in the Richard Edwards City of Milwaukee Directory
1870s: began working as wood engraver
1884-1887: maintained a studio in the Iron Block Building
1976-1881:  listed in the Milwaukee Directory as carver / engraver
1880 and 1900: listed in the federal census for Milwaukee
1882-1916: listed in the Wright's Milwaukee city Directory.
1883: granted a patent for preparing blocks of wood for engraving
1885: did an advertisement engraving for the Panorama exhibition of Kindt & Gardner's General Grant's Assault on Vicksburg
Father of Amalia, photo retouching, Dorthea and Elizabeth, photographers who were in business together in the Brah Studio from 1914-c.1919

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