Winifred Estelle Phillips (1880 - 1963)

Birth date: 1880 Death date: 1963  
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Winifred Estelle Phillips

Born 1880 in Clay Banks, Wisconsin

Died 1963 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Although best known for her work with ceramics, Winifred Phillips was also a painter, printmaker and art educator. She left her hometown on the shore of Lake Michigan in Northeastern Wisconsin to move to Milwaukee to study art. There she attended the Wisconsin School of Art to work under the tutelage of Alexander Mueller and Gustave Moeller and also studied at the Pratt Institute in New York and with Frederick Fursman at the Art Institute of Chicago. In 1915 she studied ceramics at the School of Fine and Applied Arts in Alfred, New York and later attended the Cranbrook Academy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She received her degree from Milwaukee State Teachers College.

Beginning as an instructor in Wisconsin country schools; she later became the first ceramics teacher at Milwaukee State Teachers College, now the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. She was invited to become a member of Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors in 1921 and exhibited her paintings with that group. Also a member of the Wisconsin Art Federation, the Art Students' League of Milwaukee, the N.A. Women Painters and Sculptors of New York, and the Wisconsin Society of Applied Arts; she participated in their exhibitions and won awards in 1936, 1937 and 1938.

A longtime resident of Wauwatosa, this versatile artist's work has been represented in the collections of the Syracuse Museum of Art, the Walker Art Center, the Minneapolis Art Institute, the Museum of Wisconsin Art, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

 Selected two-person exhibition

1945 Exhibit of Ceramics and Weaving [with Elsa Ulbricht]

 Selected group exhibitions

1916  Wisconsin Society of Applied Arts, First Annual Exhibition, Milwaukee Art Institute

1926,1933,1938   Milwaukee Journal Annual Exhibit of Wisconsin Art,  Milwaukee Journal Gallery

1932  Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors-19th Annual Exhibit, Milwaukee Art Institute

1933 Wisconsin Society of Applied Arts, Milwaukee Art Institute, award winner

1937  Wisconsin Designer Craftsmen: 19th Annual Exhibit, Milwaukee Art Center

1939  Art Alliance Association of Philadelphia Invitational

1950  Wisconsin Designer Craftsmen, Milwaukee Art Institute, award winner

1963  Wisconsin Designer Craftsmen, 43rd Annual Exhibit, Milwaukee Art Center

1985  Celebration 100: A Century of Alumni Art,  University Art Museum, UW,Milwaukee

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