The Information in these art related topic files are not in an electronic format, but can be researched at the Museum of WI Art Archives in person, free to members or for a research fee to non members. Researchers can also be hired for a fee. They will research for the requested information, photocopy or scan it and email or send the photo copies or scanned info on a disc, by US Mail / Fed-Ex or UPS. Click here for the research fees.

If you have any further questions please contact the archives at Chris Anderson or call the museum at 262-334-9638.

  • Casanova Glass Studio, Hudson, WI (Patrick Casanova)
  • Chase Glassworks - (Chase Valley Glass Company 1880 - Dr. Enoch Chase)
  • Columbia Stained Glass Company (Aka. Gavin Mirror & Glass Works)
  • Engebretson Glass Studios, Hudson, WI ( James E. & Renee Nielsen Engebretson)
  • Gavin Mirror & Glass Works (Aka. Columbia Stained Glass Company)
  • Hilgendorf & Glass Inc.
  • Northern Glass Works (Aka Cream City Glass, 1887)
  • Omro Glass Co.
  • Ornamental Glass Company
  • Sigwarth Glass, River Falls, WI (Handblown glass by Douglas & Renee Sigwarth)
  • Standard Art Glass Manufacturing Company
  • The Chase Factory (Aka Chase Glassworks, Chase Valley Glass Co., Wisconsin Glass company, 1883)
  • The Milwaukee Mirror & Art Glass Works
  • Wagner Brothers, European Stained Glass
  • William F. Franzen & Sons
  • Krauski Art Glass, Monches, WI
  • Maras Glass - Thomas and Rebecca Maras
  • Popelka Trenchard Glass, Sturgeon Bay, WI
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