MOWA Masters 

Adults are invited to learn new art techniques in hands-on interactive studios taught by Wisconsin artists.
Painting Insects with Katie Musolff
Saturday, November 16 | 10:30–1:30

Wisconsin is alive with wonderful ecosystems crawling with life. This studio focuses on the most diverse class: insects. Painter and naturalist Katie Musolff will share her insect collection and teach how to pose, draw, and paint the specimens using watercolors as the medium.
$60 with Membership
 All supplies included

Image for Painting Insects  with Katie Musolff
A Mind's Eye View of Landscape
Saturday, November 23 | 11:00–4:00

This studio class will provide examples of how artists in different time periods used the landscape to tell their stories. Artist Barry Roal Carlsen will offer technical and conceptual tips as participants create their own unique landscape. Participants using a combination of visual references and resources, including sketches, family snapshots, photographs, and memory.
$75 with Membership

Image for A Mind
Ekphrastic Poetry with Kimberly blaeser
Saturday, December 7 | 10:30–12:30

Ekphrastic refers to a form of writing where the author describes a visual work of art. This style of writing is often rhetorical in nature and symbolic of a greater meaning. Immerse in ekphrastic poetry writing with Wisconsin Poet Laureate Kimberly Blaeser while exploring the enchanted landscape paintings of Tom Uttech. 
$30 with Membership

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