Sharp Literacy Tour 

The Museum of Wisconsin Art is proud to collaborate with SHARP Literacy, a program that incorporates literacy education, the visual arts, and art history into required science and social studies curricula. At MOWA we provide tours for groups of 1st and 4th grade students from 31 different elementary schools in the Milwaukee area that participate in the SHARP program. These visits are enhanced by a SHARP book that teaches life lessons and broadens the young learners’ vocabulary. In 2014, the first year of the partnership between MOWA and SHARP Literacy, approximately 3,000 students participated in this unique educational opportunity. 

During these tours, we reinforce the students’ SHARP vocabulary words while introducing them to MOWA and Wisconsin Art. We encourage students to create their own stories about the art, ask a lot of questions, and use their vocabulary. Our docents use sensory objects to allow the students to touch and smell objects related to the art. After visiting the MOWA galleries, SHARP students eat lunch at the museum and then conclude their visit in our studio, participating in an art project that they take home with them. Students leave MOWA feeling artistic and empowered. 

For questions about how your school can participate in the program, contact the Youth Education Program Manager at 262.247.2277 or