Sixty Years and Going Strong 

In just sixty years,
MOWA has evolved remarkably from a small hometown gallery to one of the leading regional museums in the country. When Melitta Hedwig Suder-Pick founded the museum in 1961 to honor her uncle and esteemed artist Carl von Marr, no one could have predicted the MOWA of today and its profound impact in inspiring, engaging, and fostering the arts and culture of Wisconsin.

To our members, donors, exhibiting artists, and community partners: thank you for being an important part of our journey. We invite you to participate in a year-long celebration of our anniversary with exhibitions and activities focused—in honor of our founder—on the visionary women of Wisconsin.


Do you have treasured memories of the museum? Memories you would like to share?

Here’s your chance to submit a reflection, a story, a photo, or any museum-related revelations that struck you during your MOWA visit. As part of the anniversary celebration, we may post some of these on the website, social media, in member communications, and make your story part of the archive for the next diamond jubilee.