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Celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Mothership with talks by ten of your favorite Wisconsin artists. FREE FOR MEMBERS.

Saturday, February 25 | 11:00
Brennen Steines is fresh off the heels of finishing an MFA in painting and printmaking at the Yale School of Art. His canvases incorporate uncommon compounds such as calcium carbonate, silver nitrate, and ferrous oxalate to reflect on art in the Age of the Anthropocene.

Saturday, March 18 | 11:00
David Lenz paints with a hyperrealistic precision that gives photographers an inferiority complex. His portraits of people on the periphery provide a soulful subject matter that perfectly complements Lenz’s formidable technique.

Saturday, April 8 | 2:00
Jim Shields is the visionary architect behind MOWA’s modernist Mothership. Celebrated for his innovative, sustainable, and destination-making design, Shields is uniquely attuned to the ways that structures shape experience.

Saturday, May 20 | 11:00
Self-taught artist Della Wells sees herself as both a storyteller and an artist. Although her professional career in the arts began at the relatively late age of 42, Wells’s collages and assemblages are animated with personal stories that have attracted the attention of museums and collectors nation-wide.

Saturday, June 17 | 11:00

Michele Grabner is an artist-alchemist who transforms humble domestic objects into high art. Her hypnotic variations on the theme of gingham have won the Wisconsin native an uber-prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship and a national reputation that names her the twenty-seventh most powerful woman in the art world.

Saturday, July 15 | 11:00

Tom Uttech needs no introduction. The elder statesman of Wisconsin art has long enraptured viewers with otherworldly paintings of the natural world at its most magical.

Saturday, August 5 | 11:00

Raised in South Korea until the age of eleven, Jason Yi’s bi-cultural background inspires his boundary-crossing artistic practice. His use of humble, utilitarian materials like packing peanuts, plastic wrap, and PVC tubing form site-specific installations with all the grandeur of Romantic-era landscapes.

Saturday, September 23 | 11:00
Fred Stonehouse’s paintings marry wide-ranging art-historical influences with inscrutable symbols according to a strangely compelling dream logic. The bravado Neo-Surrealism of his work has secured Stonehouse a place in collections around the world, including those of Madonna and Sheryl Crow.

Saturday, October 7 | 11:00

Vaughan Larsen’s photography defies dichotomies. The non-binary artist situates themself at the center of their work to explore the fluidity of identity and the public reception of non-conforming individuals. Larsen is definitely one to watch.

Saturday, November 18 | 11:00
After working with renowned sculptor Louise Nevelson in New York City during the 1980s, Lon Michels returned to his home state of Wisconsin, where he developed a vibrant Neo-Pop brand of painting that celebrates male and female beauty. Michels’s canvases brim with joie de vivre.



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Feb 25 2023


11:00 am - 12:00 pm
MOWA | West Bend


MOWA | West Bend
205 Veterans Avenue, West Bend, WI 53095
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