Wisconsin Visual Art Awards 

14th Annual
Wisconsin Visual Art Achievement Awards

We had the great pleasure of inviting you to the fourteenth annual Wisconsin Visual Art Achievement Awards ceremony and reception on April 30, 2017.

Wisconsin boasts a rich visual arts history. Our state has been home to nationally and internationally recognized artists since the nineteenth century and Wisconsin continues to cultivate and nurture the careers of prolific visual artists working today. The WVAAA honors the individuals, institutions, and organizations that have enriched the visual arts in this state.

The 2017 Award Recipients are: Tom Bamberger, David Becker, Sylvia Fein, Dean Jensen, Ken Loeber, Dona Look, Max Yela, and the late Charles Thwaites.

Raoul Deal gave a presentation entitled “Culture Work: The Story of the United Migrant Opportunity Services Mural”

About the Mural

The United Migrant Opportunity Services (UMOS) was founded in the 1960s to help create better living and working conditions for migrant workers in Wisconsin, and was later used to help migrant families transition into city jobs.  The UMOS mural highlights key moments in the history of this struggle. Lead artist Raoul Deal worked with ten high school students and four undergraduate research assistants to interview UMOS organizers, and create the mural based on these conversations. The project was carried out in partnership with Artworks for Milwaukee and the Peck School of the Arts.