Current Exhibitions 

Jennifer Angus: Still Lives

Permanent Collection | Surreal Gallery
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Jennifer Angus first discovered the decorative potential of insects in the 1980s when she was studying bugs used in the fabrication of color dyes in northern Thailand. Angus created this installation of cicadas and beetles in the MOWA gallery dedicated to the surreal in Wisconsin. Angus's wall-pinned insects create an otherworldly atmosphere, while a table laden with bell jars presents whimsical kingdoms wherein dried beetles mimic everyday human activities.

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Thomas Gondek: Spacial Dialogues

On view through November 15, 2020
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Step back to the 1970s with Thomas Gondek. Using airbrushes and metallic automotive paint, Gondek turned reverse painting on Plexiglas into dynamic space-age forms that straddle painting and sculpture and reflect a generational interest in precise hard-edge abstraction. Influenced by the work of Wassily Kandinsky, Ellsworth Kelly, and Frank Stella, Gondek created tour de force perspectival compositions in which geometric forms and shapes float in milky white fields like stations in interstellar space.

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Wisconsin Funnies: Fifty Years of Comics

Extended through January 10, 2021
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Peter Poplaski, Wisconsin Funnies, 2020. 


Wisconsin Funnies is the first exhibition to present the rich history of comics in Wisconsin. The nearly two hundred works by over 30 artists illustrates the major themes, innovations, and publications that characterize the state’s past half-century of comic art. The exhibition pairs hand-drawn original art with printed material such as comic books, alternative weekly newspapers, and other collectibles and ephemera. 

On view at the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend and MOWA | DTN located at Saint Kate the Arts Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. 

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Raab and Spicuzza: Impressions of Beauty

Now on view
Image for Raab and Spicuzza: Impressions of Beauty George Raab, Untitled (Lake Park, Milwaukee in Autumn), c.1900. Oil on canvas. Gift of the Helen Raab Estate.

Born on different continents, George Raab (b. 1866, Sheboygan) and Francesco Spicuzza (b. 1883, Termini, Sicily) were friends in Milwaukee for many years in the early twentieth century. Both artists were firmly committed to representational subject matter and to presenting it in the most favorable manner. They excelled in portraiture. Their art had appeal for collectors, and both men enjoyed successful careers.

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