Current Exhibitions 

Jennifer Angus: Still Lives

Permanent Collection | Surreal Gallery
Image for Jennifer Angus: Still Lives
Jennifer Angus first discovered the decorative potential of insects in the 1980s when she was studying bugs used in the fabrication of color dyes in northern Thailand. Angus created this installation of cicadas and beetles in the MOWA gallery dedicated to the surreal in Wisconsin. Angus's wall-pinned insects create an otherworldly atmosphere, while a table laden with bell jars presents whimsical kingdoms wherein dried beetles mimic everyday human activities.

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Carey Watters: Tiny Cuts

June 26 – September 12, 2021
Image for Carey Watters: Tiny Cuts
Carey Watter's painstakingly and delicately cuts cast-off printed materials into thousands of tiny pieces that begin a new life as part of her paper reliefs. The cut outs, delicately pinned to their support, read as tears, empty thought clouds, or partial thoughts, reflective of the difficulty in finding an emotionally and physically secure place in the world.

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Artists Without Borders

May 12 – August 1 at MOWA | DTN
Image for Artists Without Borders David Najib Kasir, Concrete (squared)–the Fires that got us here, 2020

Artists Without Borders spans two MOWA locations. The exhibition at MOWA | DTN showcases the works of eight artists—all with roots abroad and currently residing in Wisconsin—to explore their distinct takes on the relationship between art and place.

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Dean Meeker: Myths and Legends

June 5 – August 22 at MOWA on the Lake
Image for Dean Meeker: Myths and Legends
Dean Meeker’s figurative art focuses on the strengths and foibles of humankind, often drawing on the biblical and mythological subjects he learned about as a student. This exhibition celebrates the hundredth anniversary of Meeker's birth with a focus on his passion and relentless drive that marked his long career.

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