Current Exhibitions 

Jennifer Angus: Still Lives

Permanent Collection | Surreal Gallery
Image for Jennifer Angus: Still Lives
Jennifer Angus first discovered the decorative potential of insects in the 1980s when she was studying bugs used in the fabrication of color dyes in northern Thailand. Angus created this installation of cicadas and beetles in the MOWA gallery dedicated to the surreal in Wisconsin. Angus's wall-pinned insects create an otherworldly atmosphere, while a table laden with bell jars presents whimsical kingdoms wherein dried beetles mimic everyday human activities.

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Anwar Floyd-Pruitt | Retina Records: Self-Portraits of a Time Traveler

August 10 – November 14, 2021
Image for Anwar Floyd-Pruitt | Retina Records: Self-Portraits of a Time Traveler
Location: MOWA | DTN
located inside Saint Kate—The Arts Hotel in downtown Milwaukee

Retina Records 
finds Anwar Floyd-Pruitt inventing a new visual language capable of evoking the experience of time travel. Densely layered spray painted works yield a kaleidoscopic installation that is equally inspired by the aesthetic sensibilities of the 1990s as well as by an imagined Afro-futurist tomorrow.

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In the City

August 29–December 5, 2021
Image for In the City Max Fernekes, Milwaukee Public Library, 1951. Watercolor and crayon on paper. Gifted 2012, MillerCoors
Location: MOWA on the Lake
located inside Saint Johns on the Lake in downtown Milwaukee

How do we form our impressions of a city’s character? Landmark buildings? Streets? The people? Individually and collectively, such components comprise the urban environment, and they have provided endless inspiration for numerous artists. This exhibition highlights the city of Milwaukee throughout the decades through the eyes of artists.

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