Mark Mulhern: Pulling Back the Curtain 

September 1–December 1, 2013 Past Exhibitions
Image for Mark Mulhern,Pink Chair, Oil on linen, 2013.Lent by the Tory Folliard Gallery.Mark Mulhern, Pink Chair, Oil on linen, 2013. Lent by the Tory Folliard Gallery.

Image for Mark Mulhern,Brocante, Oil on Linen, 2013.Lent by the Tory Folliard Gallery.Mark Mulhern, Brocante, Oil on Linen, 2013. Lent by the Tory Folliard Gallery.

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Pulling Back the Curtain is an exhibition that reveals the journey that art goes through from the germination of an idea to a finished work. Mark Mulhern, a Milwaukee painter, printer and draughtsman, believes that the early stages of a work are the most vital. As thoughts and ideas percolate, some suggest possibilities, some go nowhere, and some show promise.  What excites Mulhern the most is when an idea gains traction, when instead of the artist pursuing the idea, the idea takes over. The possibilities then become clearer and the skills the artist has developed over years shine. This is when the exciting work of grinding out the composition, locating things and removing unneeded elements takes place. Solutions even come through dreams.  Mulhern does not always consider the “finished” work of art the most interesting aspect of creation; often it’s the process of getting there. In this exhibition, Mulhern pulls back the curtain on the creative process.