The Pitch Project 

April 11–June 7, 2015 Past Exhibitions
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Image for Will Pergl, Spectacle, Wood, 2014, Photo: Zachary SwearingenWill Pergl, Spectacle, Wood, 2014, Photo: Zachary Swearingen

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The Pitch Project is the invention of artists Sonja Thomsen, Will Pergl, Jason Yi, and arts advocate/Milwaukee beer baron Mike Brenner. Designed as a studio space for local artists, The Pitch Project is an incubator for contemporary art in Southeastern Wisconsin.

A select group of The Pitch Project’s artists were invited to bring their thought-provoking work to MOWA’s State Gallery.
The exhibited artwork includes photography, installation, painting, and video and is not only diverse in medium, but also in concept. Hayley Eichenbaum and Nicholas Romano explore complex social issues through their work. Hayley confronts social and moral constructions of female identity through an exploration of society’s expectation that the feminine figure must “settle down.” Nicholas Romano’s work questions whether the accessibility of weapons in our modern culture prevents or begets violence.

Other artists draw inspiration from the environment. Kyle Seis looks at the limitless expanse of sky through the use of optical and photographic props. Steve Burnham explores his anxieties about the destruction of the environment and Claire Hitchcock Tilton draws on her personal experience of farming in rural Sheboygan County. Kim Miller, Will Pergl, and Tim Stoelting challenge us with sculptural and video installations that present the viewer with unique perspectives on the foundations and process of art-making. These eight artists work on the cutting-edge, proving that art is alive and well in Wisconsin.

Participating Artists

Steve Burnham
Hayley Eichenbaum
Claire Hitchcock Tilton
Kim Miller
Will Pergl
Nicholas Romano
Kyle Seis
Tim Stoelting