Tom Loeser: It Could Have Been Kindling 

October 3, 2014–January 11, 2015 Past Exhibitions
Image for Image for Image for More Multiple Complications,Zebra wood, mahogany, milk paint,Lent by the Milwaukee Art Museum,Purchase, Doerfler Fund,1999More Multiple Complications, Zebra wood, mahogany, milk paint, Lent by the Milwaukee Art Museum, Purchase, Doerfler Fund, 1999

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Tom Loeser’s colorful wooden creations are simultaneously playful and challenging. Perhaps best thought of as usable sculptures, they are as visually and intellectually engaging on display in a museum as they are when used in a home.  

Through his skill as a carver, a cabinetmaker, and a painter, Loeser provokes us to reevaluate the stuff of everyday life. Much of his work’s meaning comes from inverting or subverting conventional notions about everyday things. What are the essential characteristics of a chair? What can a reimagined cupboard look like? How far can conventional designs be pushed before they become something else? Loeser creates innovative ways for us to interact with chests, boxes, cabinets, tables and beds. Many of his innovative seating forms often go even further by fundamentally reorganizing and restructuring our relationships with one another.

As a maker, Loeser has earned widespread national and international acclaim for his artistic creations. As a teacher, he has inspired a generation of makers to critically consider both the functional and metaphorical possibilities of furniture. His beautiful objects affect us both visually and conceptually: they prompt us to question what furniture means, to think about how it scripts and organizes our experiences, and ultimately allows us to see things in new ways.

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