Featured Items 

Discover unique, handmade items by many Wisconsin artists. The MOWA Shop offers a wide variety of items, including art books, jewelry, handbags, apparel, children's toys, and more!

Handmade Pottery

Explore a line of handmade and hand painted pottery by Front Avenue Pottery and Tile Company. The MOWA Shop has a wide assortment of coordinating pieces including casserole dishes, serving bowls and platters, soup cups and more.

Joseph Mendla Sculptures

These Zen Brushwork sculptures in welded steel refer to the Japanese brush and ink drawings called "Enso" or circle. They are meant to express a moment of centering when the mind and spirit are free to simply create.

Travel Journals

Artist Sue Waala has traveled the world. These travel journals include images of her travels on the covers with blank pages for you to keep a record of your thoughts and events. Each is unique!

Whimsical Mosaics

Leann Wooten’s mosaics have arrived in the MOWA Shop. One of several designs available for purchase, Cowboy Mosaic, is shown here.

Exhibition Catalogue

Purchase your copy of the Charles Munch: Between the Lines exhibition catalogue in the MOWA Shop and get it signed by the artist at the Opening Party or Artist Talk.

MOWA Gift Certificate

A MOWA Gift Certificate can be purchased in any amount to be used toward a membership, renewal, and MOWA Shop purchases. That means your friends and family can choose to use it for unlimited gallery viewing, opening parties, weekly art making for all ages, and to buy something truly special for themselves.