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2020 MOWA Fund

We have found that even amidst the challenges of a pandemic, art never stops. And by being flexible and creative, neither does MOWA. To ensure that this museum, founded nearly sixty years ago, will continue to fulfill its special role in the state, a longtime friend of MOWA has initiated a $100,000 Matching Challenge. That means that your donation--of any amount by December 31--will be matched dollar-for-dollar with a collective impact of turning $100,000 into $200,000. Your support will help make possible thoughtful exhibitions and programs, statewide collaborations, resources for educators, and a vibrant platform for artists. 

Here are just a few ways your involvement makes a difference:

Wisconsin art generates ideas. Have you had a chance to visit the Wisconsin Funnies: Fifty Years of Comics exhibition at MOWA West Bend or MOWA | DTN in Saint Kate---The Arts Hotel? Or attend one of the virtual talks? Your support enables innovative ideas.

Wisconsin art promotes learning. Did you know that MOWA's fourth-grade Wisconsin History and Visual Arts Program entered the Google Classroom and is now accessible to schools throughout the state? Your support nurtures youth.

Wisconsin art grows communities. Did you know that MOWA is a thriving tourist destination and an economic catalyst that generates almost $2.9 million in tourism revenue each year? Your support benefits communities. 

Wisconsin art builds regional identity. Did you take part in the Chalk the State movement that united more than fifty organizations statewide around art and creative expressions of joy and inspiration? Your support extends the influence of Wisconsin art. 

Image credit: Michelle Grabner,
Untitled, 2019. Oil and gesso on burlap. Lent 2020, Michelle Grabner and the Green Gallery