Take Action for the Arts

    Take 30 Seconds to Help Arts Organizations

    Arts and cultural institutions are among the top three sectors hardest hit by COVID-19. Wisconsin is at risk of losing not only community assets that benefit our quality of life, but also local talent and key revenue sources.
    Earlier this month, Governor Evers announced a $5 million COVID-19 Cultural Organization Grant Program, utilizing 0.2% of the $2.26 billion CARES Act funding for Wisconsin to support arts and cultural organizations throughout the state. This is an incredible step, but it won’t be enough.

    Wisconsin still has $200 million in unallocated CARES Act funding that could be used to further support the hard-hit nonprofit Arts & Culture sector.

    Contact your elected officials HERE to thank them for the $5 million Arts & Culture grant program and urge them to allocate funds from the remaining unspent CARES Act dollars to emergency relief for the Arts & Culture sector. It only takes 30 seconds and will make a big difference to the vulnerable Wisconsin businesses, venues, nonprofits, and artists and creatives that make our region so vibrant.

    Thank you for your ongoing support!