About the Exhibition

Cultivating Community

December 10, 2022–Jan 22, 2023

MOWA | West Bend

Cultivating Community–One Work of Art at a Time

Each year, the State Gallery lights up with more than 200 artworks submitted by MOWA members of all ages and levels of experience. Collectively, the works reveal what is engaging the minds, hearts, and brushstrokes of MOWA members. The exhibition showcases what makes MOWA possible: the strength of Wisconsin art today and the dedication and unwavering commitment of art lovers like you.

As people around the world and around the state have filtered in and out of isolation during the last two years, this exhibition brings together people and their stories: to gather, celebrate, and take stock in a new way. We can reflect on where we have been and where we at MOWA want to go.

A valid membership is required to participate.


Submitting Your Work

Details on how and when to submit your work to be in this exhibition will be coming soon.


Vote for Your Favorite Work of Art

During your visit, make your voice heard and vote for your favorite artwork. Check out our social media pages each Tuesday for an update on the top three Members’ Show artworks in the lead. Voting goes through Sunday, January 22, 2023. The top three overall winners will be announced Tuesday, January 24.