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The Artist Index includes more than three hundred artists currently represented in the collection. We are excited to be in the early stages of documenting our artists prompting a new digital era of online exploration and presentation. It will be updated periodically to reflect additions and changes to the holdings.

Less familiar city names without further designation are understood to be in Wisconsin.


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Sahli, Randy Menasha 1953 Salas, Rafael Francisco Ripon 1973 Sanderson, Maggie Jo Boulder Junction 1997 Sayers, John Montpelier, Ohio 1950 Schade, Robert Tarrytown, New York 1861–1912 Schatz, Daniel Milwaukee 1908 Schellin, Robert Akron, Ohio 1910–1985 Schley, Mathilde Horicon 1864–1941 Schmidt, Walter Young America 1889–1962 Schneider, Bernhard Lüneburg, Germany 1843–1907 Schroedter, Howard Milwaukee 1925–1989 Schroeter, Wilhelm Dessau, Germany 1849–1904 Schueler, Jon Milwaukee 1916–1992 Schuenke, Robert F. Milwaukee 1931 Schultz, Harold Grafton 1907 Schwalbach, James Alfred Germantown 1912–1984 Schwalbach, Mathilda Minneapolis 1917–2015 Schwartz, Lester O. Manitowoc 1912–2006 Sebastian, Jill Libertyville, Illinois 1950 Segall, Julius Nakel an der Netze, Posen, Prussia 1860–1925 Serr, Jan Dayton, Ohio 1943 Sessler, Alfred Milwaukee 1909–1963 Shaffer, O.V. Princeton, Illinois 1928 Sheridan, Joseph Quincy, Illinois 1897–1971 Shimon, Julie Lindemann and John Manitowoc 1961, 1957–2015 Shulz, Adolph Delavan 1969–1963 Sigwarth, Douglas and Renée Minneapolis, Dubuque, Iowa 1970 Sinclair, Gerrit V. Grand Haven, Michigan 1890–1955 Solien, T.L. Fargo, North Dakota –1949 Spalatin, Marko Zagreb, Croatia 1945 Spicuzza, Francesco Termini, Sicily 1883–1962 Spicuzza, Sylvia Milwaukee 1908–1998 Staab, Roy Milwaukee 1941 Stamsta, Jean Sheboygan 1936–2013 Steichen, Edward Luxembourg 1879–1973 Steines, Brennen Rockford, Illinois 1993 Stenbom , Jeffrey Harrisburg, Illinois 1978 Stern, Lucia Milwaukee 1895–1987 Stevens, Clifford Brooks Milwaukee 1911–1995 Stevenson, Thomas Manchester, England 1841–1874 Stoltenberg, Frederick Hamburg, Germany 1872–1925 Stonehouse, Fred Milwaukee 1960 Style, Christine Milwaukee 1952 Suder-Pick, Melitta Hedwig 1886–1972 Summ, Helmut Hamburg, Germany 1908–1992 Szarkowski, John Ashland 1925–2007


No Artists Found

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